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A Complete Guide About The Causes And Treatment Of Nail Fungal Infections

´╗┐Fungal infections may be caused due to a number of reasons. However, these infections can easily be treated and can also be prevented by taking few precautionary measures. It is best to consult a doctor for advice.

Fungal infections in nails are common. These infections may be caused by fungi and can spread from one person to another. Various types of treatments can cure fungal infections effectively.
The nature and causes of fungal infections in nails
Fungal infections are caused by unchecked fungi growth. Moist and warm environments facilitate fungi growth and can cause infections in nails. Fungal infections may also be spread when you establish contact with a person who is suffering from the condition. A probable medium of spread of fungal infections are the non sanitized pedicure tools used at beauty salons.
Fungal nail infections are more common in older people and men. People who suffer from diabetes or any other disease are at a higher risk of contracting fungal infections. Similarly, people who wear artificial nails and wear shoes in which the toes remain closed may contract fungal infections. Nail and skin injuries may also lead to fungal infections.
Symptoms of nail fungal infections
Fungal infections may occur on several nails or a single nail. They may affect the whole nail or just a part of it. Some common signs can help you identify fungal infections. These include:
Thick or brittle nails.
Odour emanating from infected nails.
Distorted and broken nails.
Yellow spots which may be present under the nail.
White or yellow patches, streaks or flakes on the nail surface.
Scaling under the nail surface.
Treatment and prevention of fungal infections in nails
On recognizing symptoms of nail fungal infections, it is advisable to consult a doctor as most medications available over the counter may fail to cure the infection effectively. Doctors may prescribe various kinds of treatments for fungal infections. Oral antifungal drugs like itraconazole and terbinafine are effective treatments for toenail fungus treatment. Certain antifungal drugs can cause mild to severe side effects. It is hence advisable to consume them only on prescription.
Medicated nail polishes are used to paint the infected nails. These nail polishes may require to be used over a long period of time to cure infections. Medicated nail creams also present an effective treatment for fungal infections. These creams penetrate through the fungus infected nail surface.
In cases of severe fungal nail infections, doctors may advise surgical procedures like nail removals and light based and laser therapies. These surgical procedures are often combined with oral drugs and medicated creams for better results.
While fungal nail infections can effectively be treated, it is advisable to take precautions for their preventions. Few of them include:
Take good care of finger and toe nails.
Wear gloves if your hands remain wet or damp for long periods of time.
Regular use of antifungal powders ad sprays.
Maintaining hygiene by washing hands after coming in contact with an infected nail.
Ensuring to dry your feet post shower.
Ensuring that the pedicure and manicure tools used at salons are sanitized.
Fungal infections can easily be treated and also prevented by taking precautionary measures.

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